About Me

I come from a small city in Cornwall called Truro, where I was first introduced to Data and Programming in College. I learnt to programme at a basic level in Python and C, while also learning about relational database management using SQL. 

At the University of Reading, I chose to pursue a degree in Business and Management and it’s here that I discovered recruitment while in my 2nd year of University and completed internships at a local recruitment company. It was from there I decided I wanted to pursue a career in recruitment as it would allow me to continue learning about the computer science I touched on in my younger years.

Specialism & Area covered

Data engineering, Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and AI, Python Development, Fullstack (Python Backend)

Outside of the office

In my spare time, I like to watch Arsenal fight to stay in the top ten, expand my knowledge through reading or documentaries and also run as often as I can (not very often).