About Me

I joined TEC Partners in February 2019, after a few months working at another Technology recruitment agency. Since then, I have progressed my skill set and network to be able to provide value for a number of brilliant clients. I got into Technology recruitment because I love building long-term relationships and continuously providing support to both clients that are looking for a niche skillset and candidates that have a specific idea of what their next position looks like. It’s the matchmaking that I really enjoy. I particularly like my market because of the small and tight-knit community it is.

Specialism & Area covered

Ruby, Golang and Java Developers in London (and remote positions across the UK).

Outside of the office

Outside of work, I am a bit of a sports fanatic. I will watch pretty much any sport that is on TV but I am particularly fond of Cricket, Rugby, Golf and Football (in that order!). I am in the process of gaining playing membership to the prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which is the oldest cricket club in the world run out of Lord’s in London. I am also training to one day do a marathon which is a lifetime ambition of mine. Beyond sport, I like fine dining and also cooking.