Why are workplace benefits so important?

Employee benefits at work are becoming increasingly popular as the trend for a better work/life balance is becoming more and more important to staff.

Traditionally, we will spend the majority of our adult life in the workplace and, despite the increased adoption of remote working, the strive to make the workplace as attractive and accommodating as possible is still ever increasing.


People no longer see a job as just a job and a means to pay bills. Applicants are looking past the black and white job description and salary, and they are now considering many other factors when applying for roles such as office culture, team fit, and staff benefits.

Here at TEC Partners, we understand the value of keeping our employees happy, which is why we understand that when our employees work hard, we want to reward and celebrate their successes with a range of both financial and non-financial benefits and incentives.

Our offices are equipped with a variety of activities, such as: a pool table, table football, dart board, table tennis, and a breakout area equipped with comfy couches.

As well as in-office benefits, we also offer excellent financial and non-financial incentives, including a relaxed dress-code, beer fridge, competitive and uncapped commissions, quarterly bonuses, monthly lunch clubs for high achievers, fantastic regular incentives such as 5-star luxury breaks in cities such as Dubai, Milan, Barcelona, Ibiza, Gothenburg, Munich, and more!

Teamwork is also a huge part of our culture with various days out such as taking a boat out on the Broads and visiting Henley Regatta and Winter Wonderland.

Does this sound like somewhere you would like to work?

Good news! We are currently recruiting for Trainee and Experienced Recruitment Consultants as well as Delivery Consultants for both our Norwich and Reading offices. 

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