Most In-Demand Engineering Roles 2021

As the global economy begins to recover from COVID, the engineering industry is under pressure to bounce back. That means trends have changed, and with unemployment rates high, it’s vital to understand where your skills are most needed if you’re looking to get a good engineering job in 2021.


Most In-Demand Engineering Roles 2021

AI Engineer

AI is making its presence felt across almost every industry, and it looks set to continue its exponential growth, with even more organisations starting to integrate it into processes and technologies. From natural language expertise to complex coding and robotics integration, the skills of AI engineers are in high demand.


Software Engineer

With the rise of online working and online business during COVID, software, data processing and complex computing have become more vital than ever. This trend looks set to continue after the pandemic, making software engineers some of the most sought-after professionals. From machine programming and data protection to search engines and websites, there are many opportunities to choose from in this field.


Embedded Engineer

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and integrated technology continues. Even the most basic household appliances, like lightbulbs and fridges, now contain embedded technology. This has created huge demand for embedded engineers, who design and implement software and hardware for embedded systems like the IoT and the cloud.


Renewable Energy Engineer

The transition to green energy is gathering speed, creating numerous opportunities in wind and solar power, hydropower, biomass, recycling and other green technologies for engineers with experience in programming, construction, maintenance and more. The automotive industry looks set to see particular growth in this area, with tightening emissions regulations driving the rapid rise of electric and hybrid vehicles. By 2021, every automaker selling cars in Europe must have emissions under 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre across 95% of its fleet.


Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing is key to the post-COVID economic recovery, and engineers are in high demand to support supply chains and the production of new technologies. For those looking for a career in electrical engineering, becoming a soldering technician could be a great start. CNC machine programmers are also in demand, and opportunities for engineers may go beyond work on machines to include the creation, operation and maintenance of robots.


Design Engineer

As innovation gathers speed across all industries, engineers are needed to research, design and build new products, tools and systems and to modify existing ones. Both CAD (Computer Aided Design) and traditional design skills are in high demand. Cross-sector knowledge and experience are also sought after as the transfer of skills, tools and expertise across industries increases. So if you’re thinking of switching sectors from, say, aeronautical to automotive engineering, there’s never been a better time.


Top In-Demand Engineering Skills 2021

Here are some skills that will make you a valuable asset as an engineer in 2021.

  • Coding skill – For software engineers, knowing multiple coding languages or being able to code across interfaces will be very desirable.
  • Strong technology adoption – Regardless of how tech-based your role is, you need to be able to demonstrate that you’re familiar with modern technology.
  • Ability to learn remotely – Despite the end of lockdown, e-learning is likely to remain a huge trend, which means self-motivation and the ability and willingness to learn remotely are key.
  • Video interview skills – Another trend that’s likely to outlast the pandemic is the video interview, so get on Zoom and start practising your virtual interview skills.

If you are looking to hire talented engineers or are looking for your next engineering role then please get in contact with one of our specialist engineering recruitment consultants and they will be able to help you with any questions you have.

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