The most in-demand skills in biopharma

Biopharma is going through a time of unprecedented change and rocket-speed innovation – and the skills that are most in demand might surprise you.

Emerging trends include new vaccine technology inspired by the success of COVID vaccines; monoclonal antibodies to fight cancer cells; cell and gene therapies, which could also become a cure for cancer; and new biosimilar drugs, most recently used to treat respiratory distress caused by COVID.

The biopharma job market is rapidly growing, governments are pouring funding into R&D to fight new variants of COVID, and many smaller and less well-known companies are expanding their teams. Many of the new work opportunities are remote, as telemedicine is now preferred over in-person visits.

Paradoxically, it’s because of the breakneck pace of change that the hottest skills in biopharma right now are perennial classics. It’s personal qualities, not technical expertise, that will really give you the edge over the competition.


In-demand biopharma skills

  1. Creative problem-solving and strategic thinking - Today’s complex biopharma projects demand forward-thinking, innovative people who know how to identify, prioritise and solve problems.
  2. Business skills and awareness of industry trends - With the industry evolving this rapidly, employers want quick thinkers who can keep up with business and financial changes in the industry and understand their influences.
  3. Regulatory knowledge - Biopharma is tightly regulated; a good candidate will know the relevant laws and regulations and be able to navigate a team through them successfully.
  4. Teamwork and conflict resolution Teams in biopharma can be large and cut across several departments, which can often lead to conflict. If you know how to bring people together and create win-win-situations, employers will love you.
  5. Communication and relationship - building skills The rise of remote work in biopharma has shone a spotlight on the importance of communication. Good communicators, especially good project managers, are in high demand. 

There’s never been a better time to build your career in biopharma, so don’t miss the opportunities that are open to you. As specialist recruiters in the biopharma industry, we have years of expertise in presenting candidates’ skills in the best light and connecting them with the best possible roles for them. Get in touch today to discover what we can do for you.

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