Our top recruitment trend predictions in 2022

If you’re looking for a new job this year or simply just to upskill in your current one, we’ve put together our top trend predictions for what this year will possibly have in store for the job market.

The tech sector keep going strong

Last year, demand for specialists in many areas of tech increased by 42% due to the increased need for businesses all over the country to ensure they have strong technological infrastructure in place to help their staff and customers when working from home. The UK also achieved the highest investment the whole of Europe last year at a whopping $18bn, so it makes sense that this is one sector where there will be a massive increase in jobs over the next few years.

The offices of the past will be no more

From one-to-one mental health check ins to prevent feelings of isolation, to diarised team meetings to ensure everyone gets together and shares their ideas, feelings and weekly wins, there are a vast number of things that can be put in place to aid this new-age company culture. It’s important that during this process of reinvention, employers engage employees and ask what it is they would like to see happen. This will ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that all employees feel seen.

Although many companies worked successfully from home long before the pandemic, there are many for whom this was the first time, and although there’s been a lot of resistance to keeping this as a full time thing from many employers, the jury is pretty much out in that many staff are only seeing positives in working from home.

So much so, that employers are now facing a scenario whereby if they don’t offer at least some flexibility or compromise in working patterns and change their culture and attitudes to working from home, they’re going to seriously lose out on qualified and talented staff who will seek opportunities elsewhere - potentially with competitors. At recent study showed that four out of five people would consider leaving their current role if they weren’t at least offered the option of working from home part of the time.

However, it’s not just flexible working that is a potential dealbreaker for employees. The pandemic has highlighted that companies really need to do better when it comes to creating a good culture in their workplaces.

Culture is about more than free fruit in the kitchen or team bonding sessions. It’s about fostering an environment where people feel truly part of something, are free to speak up, and that cares about their mental health and really lives this.

Salaries will plateau

Due to factors such as rising living costs, the aftermath of the pandemic and employees now considering options elsewhere, companies are having to offer more financial incentive to entice new talent.

Last year, salaries saw in increase of up to 8.8%. However, consistent rises like this are simply not sustainable, so it’s expected that although they’ll continue to rise for a few months into 2022, about halfway through this year, they’ll start to level out once again.

2022 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, and though it won’t be without challenges, it’s going to be a year where many things will change. There will be less reactivity, more agility, and more deeper looks at overall culture to really pave the way for a change to how we work in the longer-term.

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