The top 5 in-demand tech jobs of 2022

Technology has changed tremendously in the past two years. both despite and because of the pandemic. Currently, many industries are in the midst of a hiring explosion as people re-evaluate and consider career changes.

The tech industry is among the spheres where current employees have decided to switch it up, and desirable jobs are open in droves. Here are some of the most sought-after roles in tech today:


Java developers

The Java programming language is frequently used in all corners of a company, particularly if the product or service involves the internet--and these days most products and services do, however indirectly. As such, this career has a huge variety of specific roles available. If you can write efficient and easily testable code, you may find a place on projects running a gamut from design to implementation to quality control.


Cloud architects 

Part of bringing a company up to date these days is designating a specific person or team in the IT department who is responsible for the company's cloud computing strategy. This can include initial design and implementation of a new cloud for a company or organisation and maintenance of an existing one. Cloud architects need to be strong leaders who can see the big picture, but they also need to be experts on common languages of the cloud computing field like Ruby, Python and Elixir.


Product managers 

When a tech company develops a new app, device, or web platform, product managers break down what needs to be done and keep the team on the same page to guide them through doing it. A PM needs to have management experience and familiarity with managerial tools common in tech like PivotalTracker or Jira, and they need to be very organised.


Cybersecurity specialists

With more companies moving online to facilitate remote work, cybersecurity--always a major concern--has become a hot button priority almost everywhere. IT security specialists look for and respond to potential threats to a company's passwords or data. They need to be quick-thinking and cool under pressure, and astute at analysing a problem and determining the cause.


Data scientists 

Data science is a booming field that looks set to expand even more in the next few years. Data scientists predict and analyse data, using machine learning to produce actionable insights. Tasks might include identifying data-analytics problems, collecting large datasets, determining the right datasets and variables, and communicating your findings to stakeholders in language they can understand.

You’ll need to be familiar with data mining techniques, as well as statistical programming languages like Python, R and SQL. If this sounds like you, why not consider switching careers in 2022?

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