How to land your dream tech job

The tech industry, depending on how you look at it, can be one of the easiest places to find a job or one of the hardest. On the one hand, companies are crawling over each other to hire tech professionals. On the other hand, job seekers know that, and the best jobs in the industry are more competitive than ever.

A tech position can offer top-notch pay, benefits, and work-life balance. An increasing number provide remote work or flexiwork options. But you need to find the right one–and show the company that you’re the right candidate.

The first step is doing some research to find out where your skills and specialties will be most relevant. There are so many different jobs in tech, and so many new business applications for tech being invented every day, that casting a wide net can quickly become overwhelming. Once you have a comprehensive mental picture of the state of the industry, you can work on narrowing down your goals. 

Define what’s important to you in a job and what kind of work gives you the best chance of success. That could be software engineering, web development, app development, data analytics, or any number of existing and emerging tech fields. What matters is to create a clear picture of your target position and tailor your CV and credentials to match that position. 

Next, you’ll want to make a list of companies that are currently hiring for the type of position you’re after and learn as much as you can about each one. Try to find out what goals and challenges they face that you can speak to in your application materials. This can be a great way to find out what companies might be a good fit for you. 

Once you start connecting with companies and interviewing for positions, remember that job hunting is often a numbers game. The pool of available jobs is only so big, and there may be many candidates with your qualifications–but if you’ve done your research about what skills are desirable and you keep applying, the odds are in your favor that you’ll eventually match up.

In the meantime, try developing your own ideas–for a user interface, app, or mobile game maybe?--and seeking out new job-relevant skills to learn. It will keep your mind sharp and your spirits buoyed as your job search wears on, and make you an even more desirable candidate in the meantime.

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