6 business benefits of using a recruitment agency

Now more than ever, recruiting can cost your business serious time and money–and if you hire the wrong person, the return on that investment could be worse than nothing. Meanwhile, competition is so fierce that your rivals could snap up the right person halfway through your interview process.

That’s why so many employers are looking for specialist support. Working with a recruitment partner to source and attract talent and negotiate terms can take the pressure off your organisation. A recruiter can help you find the people you need, bring them to interview, and negotiate a pay package that’s within your budget.


Here are six practical benefits your business will get from working with a recruitment agency:


  1. Ability to identify talent

Because recruiters work with both employers looking for people, and people looking for employers, they’re in the know and can act as an expert intermediary between the two. Recruitment consultants possess valuable knowledge about how to avoid a bad hire, who’s looking for work, how capable they are, and what current salary expectations are like. 

Specialist recruiters can also use their extensive knowledge of your sector and the talent available in your area to source people who match your requirements and goals. Once you know the criteria for the role, they can use their networks to connect you with talent you’d never find on your own. The best candidates are often already in work; a good recruiter can persuade them to change jobs for you.


  1. Advertise roles 

If you were disappointed by the response to your last job ad, poor marketing may have been to blame. The high-calibre people you were looking for may not have seen your ad. A recruitment agency will not only make sure they do, they’ll actively seek out talent that fits your role.


  1. Negotiate salaries

The last thing you want is to find your ideal candidate, get to the offer stage, and realise they want far more than you can afford. A good recruitment partner will help you benchmark your offer against the competition before you start the process and negotiate on your behalf throughout.


  1. Interview candidates 

Did you know recruiters can also conduct interviews and background checks for you? They can save you time and money by screening candidates first, potentially over the phone, and then sending you the best candidates for the final round of interviews. They can also advise on what questions to ask.


  1. Deliver interim professionals

If you need a short-term role filling fast, a recruiter has a pool of candidates who are willing and able to hit the ground running. Again, this will save you time and money on getting them up to speed.


  1. Offer industry insight

Another great thing about recruiters: all they do is recruit. Providing staff is their full-time job, meaning they have significant expertise and insight into the jobs market, which you can tap into to plan your recruitment agency. They understand your needs, candidates’ expectations, and the impacts of the talent drought, meaning they’re ideally placed to help you make the best decisions for your business.


When it comes to recruitment, you don't need to go it alone. Contact us today to discover how we can make your life easier and the future of your business brighter.

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