2022 trends in data engineering

We’re all aware that the war for data engineering talent is heating up in 2022, but what else is going on in the market? What roles are in highest demand? And is the future remote? These are the five top trends we’re seeing in the market.


1. Hybrid roles dominate

We’re not talking about roles that are partly home-based, but roles that are partly data engineering and partly data science, such as Data Science Engineer, Analytics Engineer, and ML Engineer. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find people with both skillsets, especially in such a candidate-short market. Analytics Engineers in particular are in growing demand due to the boom in cloud platforms.


2. More contract-to-hire data engineering roles 

The tight market has led many employers to spread their net wider by offering contract-to-hire, while others are using contractors to plug the skills gap temporarily while they look for permanent hires.


3. Employers and data engineers clash over home working

Most employers are increasingly keen to get their data engineering teams back into the office at least part-time–but most candidates would still rather work from home. Employers who are willing to compromise–or just roll right over–on this will win the best talent.


4. New skills and tools in demand

Visualisation is a key skill that’s sought after on the market, so candidates with Databricks and PowerBI skills are in high demand, and Snowflake has been rising in importance since last year. Consultants are also making a killing from the skills shortage, with more employers turning to consultants to fill their needs because of the increased time it takes to find permanent hires.


5. More real-time streaming data

Many companies are switching over to real-time streaming data to support more accurate business decisions. This trend has been happening for a while, but it seems to be picking up speed in 2022.


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