Top Tips for Getting a Job in the 2022 Video Game Industry

There is nothing small or understated about the video games industry, which means that there’s a lot of competitions for jobs. With more people growing up with video games, more people are wanting to turn their passion for gaming into a lucrative career. However, getting a job in the 2022 video games industry isn’t always easy. Below, we have detailed some of our top tips.


How to Get a Gaming Job in 2022

  • Join Game Jams - There are a lot of jobs in the video games industry, and knowing which is the right one for you can be tough. By participating in game jams, you can catch a glimpse into what it’s like working in different fields. Game jams bring together a group of people, all of whom want to create a game from scratch in a relatively short amount of time. Over the course of anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, you will have the chance to try out everything from design and graphics, to programming and games writing. Plus, it’s great to have a piece of work to showcase when you are applying for video games industry jobs. It will give a recruiter or hiring manager an idea of what you are capable of when put under pressure.


  • Start Networking - There are a tonne of ways to network in the video games industry, including some that are online, and these events are great ways to meet other people. There’s no knowing what one conversation could lead to, and you never know who you might meet. Networking opens up an entire gaming community to you, including people who could potentially hire you in the future. When you are networking, talk to as many people as possible and spread the word about your abilities. You could hand out business cards or share your LinkedIn, or you could even direct people to some of your work online.


  • Future Education - A lot of people are learning skills online now, and this is certainly the case in the video games industry. There’s a lot of resources online for you to improve, develop and grow your skills. As well as the standard education routes - such as university and internships - there are also a whole host of online training courses for you to complete. Regardless of the type of job you are interested in, everyone in the video games industry should have knowledge of project management systems and the product life cycle of a game. The more you learn online, the more impressive you will be to a prospective recruiter or hiring manager. You could even consider taking on an internship, as a way to get your foot in the door. They are a fantastic way to educate yourself even further, whilst gaining first hand experience of what it’s like to work in the video games industry


  • Start With a Games Testing Role - There are a lot of games testing, otherwise known as quality assurance, jobs out there and it’s a common way for people to get their start in the industry. As long as you have an analytics mindset and a passion for gaming, you should be in with a good chance of being hired. Though this is an entry level or junior role, this type of first hand experience could help you stand out from other candidates when you apply for future jobs.


  • Work With Us - One of the best things that you can do to get a job in the video game industry is to work with TEC Partners. At TEC Partners, we work tirelessly to connect tech talent to hiring companies. Whether you are an experienced professional or you are just starting out, our technical recruitment specialists are on hand to help you land your dream job in the video game industry.


Though there’s a lot of competition out there, that doesn’t make it impossible. A lot of people make the mistake of casting their net too wide and applying for too many jobs, many of which won’t be a good match. This is why you should carefully consider where you are applying and the role itself. After all, there is nothing wrong with having a dream company and dream role in mind. Once you have secured a job in the video game industry, it’s a lot easier to move through the ranks, so consider a wider range of options.

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