Tech recruitment trends to expect in 2023

The world of tech recruitment is always developing, and there are some significant changes to be expected in 2023. Below, we have listed some of the key trends to watch out for.


5 key trends to watch out for in 2023’s tech recruitment industry


1. Improving candidate engagement and building long lasting candidate relationships


In 2023, the tech recruitment industry will focus on building long lasting relationships with candidates. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with candidates, and the tech recruitment industry needs to work hard to ensure they are engaged and enthusiastic about job opportunities. This requires recruiters to be upfront, honest and truthful about what is being offered from the very beginning. It’s important for recruiters to be specific about the tech role, what it is likely to involve and the benefits a candidate can expect. With so many job opportunities and candidates becoming risk averse, building trusting relationships is key.


2. The struggle to keep employees happy is becoming a major issue


By being transparent and dependable, companies will find it easier to preserve employee happiness in the workplace. Quiet quitting, dissatisfied employees and drained employees are major hindrances to the tech industry. But, internal reliability and dependability can make a big difference to the wellbeing of employees. It’s an effective way of keeping employees happy, which encourages them to become a loyal and long term member of the team.


3. Attracting top talent using brand recognition


Candidates are becoming more interested in what a brand stands for, and how the brand is perceived makes a big difference to whether or not they are likely to apply. This is why using positive brand recognition to attract top talent is going to be more important than ever in 2023. Tech recruiters will need to highlight how the company differs from other brands, and what a candidate can expect from the business as a whole. As there are a lot of tech companies out there, top talent is looking for brands that are recognised as being at the top of their game.


4. Successful recruitment will increasingly depend on using technology


In 2023, it will become increasingly important to use technology to better understand applications, whilst being aware of the limitations of such technology. Understanding these constraints, and how candidates respond to them, will help tech recruiters to improve their hiring efforts. Technology can be used to conduct video interviews and virtual onsite days, as well as personal tours for candidates that require one. These are all ways technology was used by the recruitment industry during the pandemic, but they will continue to be a worthwhile tool for recruiters going forward.


5. Retaining and growing top talent will depend on product-centred teams


It’s going to be increasingly important to have candidates with good knowledge about product culture working in the tech industry. A lot of people in tech are lacking knowledge about product organisation, how products work, and how working on a project differs from working on a product. Those who do understand products are proving to be hugely valuable to companies, as this information can help a team to succeed.

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