Tech hiring challenges to expect in 2023

Currently, the technology industry is facing a number of recruitment challenges. Qualified candidates are looking for more employment benefits, and financial compensation is no longer enough to entice someone into a role. This means that recruiters are having to find unique ways to attract suitable candidates and top talent to jobs. There have also been a lot of changes in the technology industry in recent years, and finding candidates with an up to date skillset can be tough. Another challenge to overcome is the lack of available experts in the industry, which means that employers are struggling to replace staff and work harder to keep existing employees engaged, as replacing them is likely to be a struggle.


We don’t expect these tech hiring challenges to go away any time soon, and it’s likely that more will arise. Below, we have taken a look at some of the most prominent challenges the tech hiring industry can expect in 2023.


  • Finding Qualified Talent - A lot of tech professionals are updating their skills, learning new technologies and broadening their industry knowledge. However, finding these individuals is proving to be a challenge for a lot of hiring companies. To overcome this challenge, recruiters must lower their expectations in regards to academic abilities, and focus their attention on self taught professionals. A lot of tech professionals don’t have degrees or professional training, but they do have the skills needed to fulfil the role. Recruiters can also improve the likelihood of finding qualified talent by being more precise in job descriptions, which will help to ensure that only suitable candidates apply for the role.


  • Utilising Remote Recruitment - A lot of candidates are willing to take jobs in other parts of the world, so recruiters need to utilise remote recruitment. There is no guarantee that the ideal candidate will be found locally, which is why hiring companies need to broaden their search. Using remote recruitment, companies can connect with top talent around the world. This can be challenging, as communication barriers and different cultures are likely to be present. However, with a good remote recruitment strategy, hiring candidates from further afield is doable. Interviews, skills assessments and tests can all be done online.


  • Hiring with a Quicker Turnaround - There’s a lot that goes into tech hiring; skills must be tested, background checks need to be done, salaries need to be negotiated and interviews must be conducted. This can be a time consuming process, and a lot of candidates are dropping out midway through the process. In 2023, recruiters need to speed up the process. The time from generating a job opening to hiring a candidate needs to be shorter.


  • Attracting Top Talent - There is a lot of competition out there, and a lot of businesses are all vying for the same candidates. This is especially problematic for startups and small businesses, who are often unable to keep up with what larger organisations can offer. In 2023, attracting top talent requires employers to create a positive brand image. It’s important for a business to be somewhere candidates want to work, somewhere they can see themselves thriving. This can be done via social media, websites and existing employee reviews. Things such as offering flexible working hours and sought after benefits can also help a business to attract top talent.


  • Looking for ‘All-in-One’ Candidates - A lot of recruiters make the mistake of looking for candidates that do it all, rather than specialised individuals. This is a case of setting expectations too high, as ‘all-in-one’ candidates are uncommon and hard to find. Those that do exist are likely to require high salaries and perks, which many companies cannot offer. Instead, hiring businesses need to reduce their expectations, and look for a candidate that ticks almost all of the boxes. It’s hard to find the perfect candidate, but there are a lot of talented individuals out there who are ideal.

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