Player One, Ready to Hire: Tactics for Gaming Industry Talent Acquisition

Hiring for any industry or sector will require expert knowledge, with insights into that particular field, as well as a deep understanding of the type of people working in that sector. With this in mind, the gaming industry in particular requires expert knowledge in order to make a successful hire. 

By 2025, the gaming industry is expected to be worth over $250 billion. On average, the turnover rate for a gaming expert is 2-5 years, which means that finding, attracting and retaining talent for the gaming industry is a difficult but crucial task.

When looking at hiring for the gaming industry, putting out a traditional ad will no longer have the same impact. Hiring managers in the gaming industry need to find candidates where they are. Simple advertisements no longer work, and to attract the best talent in 2023, and going into 2024, new strategies need to be put in place to attract the best talent for open positions.

Social media platforms and streaming services have changed methods when it comes to building a support base. You can locate these online communities on:

  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Discord

Recruiters therefore need to tap into these online communities to find their candidates.

Find A Diverse Pool Of Talent

In the current climate, it is essential that workplaces prioritise diversity. By developing a culture of diversity in your business, you can boost retention rates and employee morale which can benefit your business for the better. It is extremely important to retain your talent once they have been recruited, and by keeping a diverse workforce you can aid this retention.

Not only does a diverse workforce expand your business reach, but it also means that the most talented candidates will seek out your business. So, how to improve diversity?

  • Create a hiring process that removes bias
  • Expand your approach to interviewing
  • Overcommunicate job expectations and updates

Final Thoughts

Recruiting for the gaming sector requires a special strategy which involves diversity, as well as seeking candidates in the places they spend most of their time, for example gaming websites, as opposed to recruitment websites. Due to the sector holding limited talent, it means that businesses are in competition with one another to attract talent. This is where creating a diverse workforce can work in your favour. Simple advertisements no longer work, and to attract the best talent in 2023, and going into 2024, new strategies need to be put in place to attract the best talent for open positions.

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